Unlock your full potential – Emerging Leaders Program March intake – Adelaide

Unlock your full potential – Emerging Leaders Program March intake – Adelaide
Event on 2017-03-22 08:30:00
Take control of your career and unlock your full potential with our cutting edge, interactive, informative, engaging yet practical Emerging Leaders Program. Stepping into a leadership role (or aspiring to become a leader) comes with a varierty of emotions and feelings including excitment, fear and self-doubt along with the new skills you need to learn and many changes in responsibilities.  Our Emerging Leaders program has been developed for people who are new to leadership roles or aspiring to become leaders to enable them to explore who they are as a leader, give them valuable insight into the leadership comptencies required to excel as a leader and the skills needed to unlock and reach their full potential and deliver both immediate and long-term sustainable results.   Completing the program will give participants confidence in themselves as an individual and as a leader. They will learn about themselves and their personality traits which can help or hinder their personal and leadership development.  Participants will discover how others see them and learn how to present themselvesf as a credible, authentic and inspiring leader. They will improve their understanding of the way people think and how that influences behaviour and the potential success of a team. They will learn how to harness their strengths and develop their capability and capacity to lead and manage effectively in an ever changing work environment.  Participants will discover the power of influence and how they can use it effectilvey to gain buy-in and persuade others towards successful outcomes and discover what drives and motivates them and how learn how they can maintain their motivating while remaining balanced and focused. Program structure Training is an event, development is a process thats why our Emerging leaders program isn't just a one off workshop….it is a thought provoking six month journey that will enhance participants own undertanding of leadership and enable them to engage in a powerful, shared learning experience with other participants. Based on the latest learnings (not the latest fads), this program is structured around a series of carefully planned and designed learning experiences focussed on key leadership themes and competencies ensuring learning is personalised, meaningful and transferable. Participants explore the various program modules through facilitated and self-directed learning, self-exploration, dynamic group discussion, individual and group activities, leadership challenges, webinars, learning reinforcement, coaching and mentoring and guest speakers. Programs commence in March & April 2017 with a second intake scheduled to commence in June & July 2017.  Programs are being held across Australia and New Zealand making them highly accessible to participants. Please ensure you register for the program being held in your preferred location. Learning outcomes At the completion of this progam, participants will: Develop increased self-awareness & a strong understanding of who they are as a leader Understanding what it takes to be an effective leader Understand the various leadership styles and know how and when to use them effectively Understand their current leadership and communication style and how this impacts on their ability to lead effectively Understand how emotional intelligence impacts their leadership style and how they can develop their emotional intelligence Understand how people think and how that impacts on their behaviour Be able to communicate effectivley with confidence and presence Be able to deal with conflict at the leadership level Know how to deliver feedback and engage in tough conversations Build adaptive leadership skills and learn how to embrace diversity to improve team performance and organisational culture Develop the capacity to coach, mentor and positively influence their teams to achieve performance goals Understand their role in change mangament and gain the knowledge and skills they need to lead change effectivley Enhance personal resilience and understand the importance of ethics and integrity in balancing personal and business needs Create a personal action plan that can be applied immediately in the workplace Develop an understanding of how to align company vision, values and strategy with goals, actions and performance management systems Know how to drive results through identifying and initiating opportunities for growth, change and innovation Build a peer network Benefit from the mentorship of experienced leaders and more……. Topics covered include: Topics covered in this program include (but are not limited to): Self Awareness & Emotional intelligence The art and science of effective communication Leadership Styles Leading & managing self and others Transitioning into leadeship Managing up Effective feedback Courageous conversations Conflict management Developing and nurturing relationships Building high performing teams Coaching and mentoring Introduction to Conversational Intelligence (CIQ) Managing the Change Process  Neuroscience of Leadership Building your personal brand Building resilience and improving health and wellbeing at work Business ethics Strategic planning Decision making & problem solving Presentation skills – learn how to prepare and present interactive and engaging presentations Facilitation skills Performance management Diversity and inclusion Cross generational awareness and more……. What's included: Your investment includes: PRISM Brain mapping assessment & debrief 6 x fast paced days of powerful face to face learning (including morning & afternoon tea, lunch and refreshments) Comprehensive learning & resource materials Team building activities 6 x one-on-one coaching sessions Weekly webinars on key topics Learning reinforcement program to help you retain the information you learn throughout the program Invitations to networking & leadership events Unlimited email & phone support during the program and for 12 months post program Certificate of completion presented at a gala course dinner 

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