The Starting Strength Challenge 2017 (NYC)

The Starting Strength Challenge 2017 (NYC)
Event on 2017-04-02 08:00:00
We're back and this time you can qualify for the national meet! The Starting Strength Challenge 2017 will be hosted by Zilber Coaching at CrossFit Gantry on April 2nd in NYC! Not only will you get to compete against the lifters that attend your local meet, but your results will be compared with the competitors from other locations nationwide that are holding the same exact meet during the same weekend! The contests will be held in the following locations: Atlanta, GA Chicago, IL Gardiner, NY Gig Harbor, WA Long Island City, NY Oakland, CA Omaha, NE Wichita Falls, TX This is a strength meet where the contested lifts will be the Squat, Press and Deadlift (3 attempts for each) judged by Starting Strength Coaches. Unlike a powerlifting meet, there is no bench press. Instead, you will perform the standing press. Deadlifts must be done conventionally, with the feet inside of the hands. You do not weigh in prior to the meet. Instead, you will weight out after your final deadlift attempt. A full set of rules can be found here: US Strengthlifting Federation Rules.The Starting Strength Challenge 2017 will be the first combined meet held as part of the newly formed US Strengthlifting Federation (USSF). Meets held under the USSF sanction in 2017 will serve as qualifying contests for a national competition to be held in January 2018 at a location to be determined. For the first year, successfully making a total in one of our meets will qualify you for the national competition. Prizes will be awarded to the best male and female lifter from the combined meet, calculated using the Wilks formula. This is a great opportunity to experience a competition, lift some weights, set personal records and see how you stack up against athletes both locally and nationwide. Judges are all Starting Strength Coaches and hand-picked Starting Strength Seminar Staff. ****************************************************************************************************************************** THIS WILL BE A SPLIT MEET: there will be a MORNING and AFTERNOON session.  You will be placed in either the morning or afternoon session depending upon your weight class and the number of participants we have. Morning check-in will be at approximately 7am for a 9am-1pm session; Afternoon check-in will be at approximately noon for a 2pm-6pm session. Exact times TBD.  All women and lighter weight-class men are tenatively in the morning (exact weight class for men's morning session TBD based on number of participants).  You will be notified 3 weeks before meet day with your session check-in time (morning or afternoon). ******************************************************************************************************************************   FAQs Till when is Early Bird Registration?Early Bird Registration ends on 1/31 at 11:59pm. Sign up after this date and pay an additional .It says a session runs for 4-5 hours. Does that mean I'm going to be lifting the whole time? No. You will be lifting in flights A, B or C depending upon your opening attempts for each lift (you will be lifting in a group with people who lift similar weights to you). This means that you will have time to warm-up each lift, do your 3 attempts and rest while others lift. Ask anyone about our adherence to schedule, and they'll tell you we run the meet like a Rolex watch :)  Are the attempts in pounds or kilos? As part of our standardization for the newly formed USSF (US Strengthlifting Federation), we will be using calibrated Kilo plates. Thus this meet is in KILOS.  For all lbs-trainees, there is no need to panic. You will have a sheet with the kilo to pound conversion at check-in and at the attempts table so determining and giving your next attempts will be seamless.  Get acquainted though with the conversion so you're familiar with the jumps. 1 Kilo = 2.2 Pounds.  Attempts are to be at a minimum of 1kg  jumps. You can google a conversion chart if you want to check out numbers / attempts. Are there weigh-ins or weigh-outs?There are no weigh-ins. Upon registration, you select the weight-class that you anticipate being in. You will be weighed-out immediately upon completion of your last Deadlift attempt. Your weight upon weigh-out will be used towards your placement and Wilks Score.Can I wait till the last minute to sign up?  You can test your luck but we've sold out weeks before the event date the 4 times we've held it. It's popular. And Fun.  Are there refunds?No. There are no refunds for any reason.  What are the Meet Rules? Meet rules can be found in the Rules Book What are my transport/parking options getting to the event? Driving: CrossFit Gantry is a 7-minute drive from Manhattan over the Queensboro Bridge or through the Midtown Tunnel. There is ample street parking around CrossFit Gantry.  Public Transportation:  The E/M (Court Square Station), G (21st Street Station) and 7 Trains (Vernon-Jackson Ave Station) are all a 5 minute walk from CrossFit Gantry. This means that if you take the LIRR to Penn Station, you can hop on the E train and within 20 minutes are at CrossFit Gantry; if you're heading into Manhattan on the MetroNorth to Grand Central, take the 7 train one stop to Vernon-Jackson Avenue.  What can/can't I bring to the event? Regarding clothing, please consult the Rules Book which will be emailed to you. Singlets are required.Bring drinks, snacks and food to ensure that you are adequately hydrated and fed prior to lifting. There are also numerous delis and restaurants one block away and we will have healthy snacks on-hand for purchase.  I've never competed before but I've executed the Squat, Press and Deadlift in my CrossFit Classes. Should I compete? There is no time like the present to get the competition juices flowing. A strength competition is a perfect opportunity to test you abilities in a supportive, energetic and safe environment. You may even surprise yourself and set a PR! Can I bring friends? Yes! There is no entry fee for spectators.

at CrossFit Gantry
10-19 46th Rd
Long Island City, United States

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