The Apothecary Cabaret : Volume XXII – Invocation

The Apothecary Cabaret : Volume XXII – Invocation
Event on 2017-09-06 19:30:00
£8 LIMITED, £10 ADV, £12 OTD We present to you…The Apothecary: Volume XXII – Invocation! Holed up in his lab, the Apothecary samples many a concoction, unction and tincture, in an attempt to cure his many ills. He soon begins to experience wild fantasies and nightmarish visions… join us as we continue our journey into the depths of his drug-addled dreams. Featuring a number of amazing performers from the worlds of burlesque, performance art, dance, sideshow, and circus! Rubyyy Jones Vivianne Dellamore (Switerland) Bustie La Tish (Holland) Count Addiction L'amour Le Monde Madeleine Soleil Rosie Glow Tootsie Roques

at Haunt
182 Stoke Newington Road
Stoke Newington, United Kingdom

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