San Diego Real Estate Summit Celebrating REALTY411 – 10 Years of Publishing in California and Beyond

San Diego Real Estate Summit Celebrating REALTY411 – 10 Years of Publishing in California and Beyond
Event on 2017-03-25 09:00:00
Don't Miss this Informative, Educational & Exciting Expo & Cashflow Conference! >> Celebrate Our NEW Issues in San Diego, California. This is where our monthly REI Wealth magazine ( was started back three years ago. Plus, in 2007, we began REALTY411 magazine ( or Celebrate Ten Years of Publishing with the Only Real Estate Investor's magazine owned by active California investors whose mission is to help others learn about the benefits of owning real estate as a means of creating long-term wealth. We have been hosting real estate expos, mixers and events since 2006, prior to starting our publication. REALTY411 has reached more magazine readers in person nationwide since the start of their publication than any other publication in the real estate investment industry. To see our busy schedule and locate other events around the nation, visit our REALTY411 EXPO site ( Date: Saturday, MARCH 25th, 2017 Time: 9 am to 5 pm – COFFEE MIXER IN THE MORNING WITH COMPLIMENTARY COFFEE AND PASTRIES FOR OUR EARLY-BIRD GUESTS. Venue: The Lafayette Hotel San Diego2223 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA 92104 HOSTED BY THE OUTBACK AND REALTY411 – JOIN US AND LEARN FROM TOP INVESTORS IN CALIFORNIA PLUS OUT OF STATE. NETWORK WITH EXHIBITORS, COMPANIES, REAL ESTATE GROUPS, CLUBS, AND SERVICE PROFESSIONALS – THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE! * Mingle with Companies * Meet Local Leaders & Out of Area Investors NON-Stop Tips for Real Estate Success ~ Hosting Our Events Since 2008 We Want & Can Help YOU Succeed As We Have. Bring Lots of Cards. Mingle with Local Leaders & Industry Professionals from Around the Nation! Hosted by Realty411 – Publisher of National Real Estate Magazines Come celebrate the only national real estate investment publication, expo and network founded and based in California! CONTACT US TO BE A SPONSOR: 805.693.1497 or email us directly at: All Guests Receive Our California-based Investment Magazines Meet Local Leaders & Industry Giants – Hosted by Active Investors Influential Real Estate People & Business Owners Attending! Find Potential Partners, New Friends, Build Your Circle of Influence. Remember Your Net Worth = Your Network Celebrate Real Estate in Your Market! Our discussions cover a wide range of topics:Commercial & Residential Real Estate * Private Lending * Raising Capital * Networking Tips to Grow Your Influence * Strategies to Increase ROI * Gain Perspectives on TOP Local & National HOT Markets * Fix & Flips * Buy and Hold + Wholesaling, Notes & More… We have investors joining us from many states * YOUR NET WORTH = YOUR NETWORKWe are hosting this event to help increase your contacts and to further your potential in this industry, so don't miss out! Also, Inside Our Publications Discover Finance Leaders. Our VIP Advertisers in the Finance Industry Include: Ignite Funding, Civic Financial Services, New American Finance, Pacific Private Money, Zinc Financial, B2R Finance, and Security National Mortgage among others! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Learn Tips and Strategies on TOP Real Estate Niches:Fix 'n' Flip, Wholesaling, Crowdfunding, Buy & Hold, Local & Out-of-State, Private Lending, Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Notes, Credit Optimization, Trust Deeds & More. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FOR INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT US: CALL: 805.693.1497 | 24 Voice Mail: 310.499.9545 Realty411's main website at: http://realty411guide.comBe sure to get your hands on our new release of Realty411 Magazine, Private Money411 and CashFlow Express either by mail, or by picking up a free copy at one of our events! ARE YOU A VIP REALTY411 MEMBER YET? IT'S FREE CLICK HERE In addition, we publish a digital-only monthly called REI Wealth! Don't miss this:No matter what, please mark your calendar so you don't miss out on this fantastic real estate and finance expo. Our goal is to provide fantastic resources to help you learn about real estate or grow as an investor. We know your time is valuable, so we have wonderful books, magazines, and other gifts to give away.Start the year off right with spectacular networking!!! Build NEW friendships and business collaborations with some of the industry's TOP Leaders. Plus, guests will discover new resources to FUND deals. Joining us are incredible speakers, sophisticated investors, & VIP Industry Leaders.Learn Investor Tips to WIN in Real Estate in 2016 at this Event, Join Us! Our Outstanding Speaker Line-Up, Includes: Jason Kennedy, visiting from California! Going From Broke with a Master's Degree to Making Money in Real Estate! After achieving a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, Jason (“Jay K” to his friends) got laid off from his job. This made him realize that he needed to take control of his financial destiny, and he invested in a Real Estate Training Seminar to learn how to become a successful Real Estate Investor. That was 13 years ago, and he has never looked back. He not only invests full time, but has served as a trainer, mentor, and coach for aspiring real estate investors for over 10 years. He also added his license as a Realtor in California so he could provide more opportunities to help and mentor his clients to achieve success through Real Estate. Jay K is also the founder and creator of the cutting edge training system, “3 Days to Real Estate Riches! Get a Deal in 3 Days!” This is the system that Jay K, as well as his students use to open up any market, build their real estate business in that market, and have deals in the pipeline in just 3 days! Whether you’re a new investor looking to get started, or a seasoned vet looking to open up multiple markets, this system is for you! Jay K is looking forward to training at a city near you! His specialties include wholesaling, fix and flips, buy and holds, and multifamily investing. JOINING US FROM LAS VEGAS, MARK "COACH" COLLARD Mark has two real estate groups, one in Las Vegas and one in San Diego. Join us to learn from one of the most innovative people int he industry. Mark “Coach” Collard – will cover some of the follow as seen below WholesalingKnowing When to say WhenOutback ExtravaganzaChanges in Loan ProductsThe Fundamentals ABOUT Mark “Coach” CollardInvestor in man and land, in that order! Love to teach and coach! Welcome to the Outback! For real estate investors, the Outback is a “solutions at all cost” mentality that is fed by proper mindset and real estate fundamentals. It allows for creative solutions to acquire real estate outside of traditional “inside the box” mentality that has been brainwashed into us by the banks and society as a whole. With the proper mindset and fundamentals, over time one can acquire enough real estate with little to no of their own money to build a large portfolio that can provide one with financial independence. Every meeting we host both in Las Vegas and in San Diego will cover mindset & fundamental technical lessons, along with the opportunity to networks with other local investors. Come with an open mind to learn more about what’s possible in the Outback. Learn Directly from Real Estate Leaders – Joining Us from Our Texas: Todd Dotson! Todd Dotson was born and raised in the Bay Area and now resides with his family in Arlington, Texas. He is the founder of TIER ONE Real Estate® and the Nation’s foremost authority on Getting In, Getting Out and Getting Paid. Todd brings a reality-based approach to the business of real estate investing with an emphasis on “buying and selling” to create immediate cash and a system for parlaying that into wealth. As the developer of the Industry’s first On-Site Mentoring Program, Todd and his team have the unique advantage of having mentored students in every major market in the United States – A claim that only he and his team can make! Hands on experience allows him to seamlessly combine wholesale buying and purchase option strategies -Anywhere, USA, because in the end “The Checks Don’t Lie!”™ Matthew Pilmore – VIP FINANCIAL EDUCATION Matthew Pillmore built a successful wholesale residential mortgage company in 2000. During that time he began investing in real estate. At age 23 he hired a creator of the original FICO score and the Nation’s leading credit attorney to build the 760 Club. One year later, he discovered a revolutionary cash flow formula which allows real estate investors to own real estate free and clear far more quickly & safely by turning the banks’ rules against themselves. Today, Mr. Pillmore has been featured on hundreds of radio and television programs and is considered the foremost leading expert on the subjects of cash flow, debt, and both personal & business credit. He has a unique ability to accelerate nearly anybody’s financial goals, using a simple three step recipe. >> LEARN WHAT THE WEALTHY KNOW ALREADY KNOW! DISCOVER WEALTH SECRETS REBECCA RICE – FOUNDER OF REBECCA RICE & ASSOCIATES – PLAN YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY! Rebecca Rice and Associates is traveling from a great distance to meet you. Rebecca and JIm Beam (both pictured below), have created a huge impact in the lives of many Realty411 fans and readers. Learn how you can benefit from learning what the wealthy already know. Leverage the world’s most powerful financial institutions and create your own private lending machine. A Message from Rebecca’s business partner, JIM BEAM: “Hello, I’m Jim Beam of Jim Beam Financial partnering with Rebecca Rice and Associates. We work with folks all over the country to improve their financial position using the same strategies we use. Today I will be sharing one of our favorite strategies that you will be able to use in your Real Estate Investing business. Many investors talk about leveraging. Some discuss compound interest. Fewer, if any, put the two strategies together. I will be sharing an amazing strategy of leveraging the world’s most powerful financial institutions.This leveraging strategy, when combined with the uninterrupted compounding growth of your retained capital, will generate wealth in such a way as you have never seen before. Come prepared to explore how banks leverage money and how you can emulate them in your Real Estate Investing. I will show you how to borrow money at low interest rates so you can invest at higher rates. AND, retain your personal capital in the safest, the strongest and the most resilient financial institutions in the world.” GROW YOUR PIG FARM (PASSIVE INCOME GENERATORS) – Gain VALUABLE AND LIFE-CHANGING Insight from One of the Most Successful Investors in California that You've Never Heard About Until Now! Learn from Hector Padilla who mentored the publisher of Realty411 magazine when she started as an agent in real estate 16 years ago. Hector has personally purchased nearly ,000,000 worth of real estate; and as a GRI Broker has successfully closed over 1,000 transactions. Another one of his PRIZED DEALS: He flipped a PARKING LOT in Los Angeles, which he purchased for K. He made .3 Million in 13 months — with no tenants nor no rehab. PLUS, NETWORK WITH THE PUBLISHER AND COMPANY OWNER – She wants to know about what we can do to serve you better this coming year. Linda Pliagas, CEO of REALTY411 – Owner of the Longest-Running Media Company Publishing Real Estate Resources for Investors around the World. Realty411 was founded in 2007 by Linda Pliagas, who is the Publisher/CEO. Linda has personally invested in rental properties in five states — all by the age of 38. Linda has purchased single family homes, multifamily units, vacation rentals, probates, REOs and short sales. Linda Pliagas has worked simultaneously in media and real estate. She began her media career at age 18 as a reporter for her high school newspaper. She holds a bachelor’s degree in print journalism from California State University, Long Beach. She was a recipient of the Bobit Magazine Scholarship for her accomplishment in publishing her first national magazine while still at CSULB. She also studied real estate, accounting and general studies at Santa Monica College. In addition to publishing two magazines and a local newspaper in Los Angeles, Linda has also freelanced for numerous national magazines, local newspapers and global websites. Thanks to her real estate investments, Linda was able to pay off her home in West Los Angeles by age of 39. Other Business Ventures: Linda has been an active landlord in California consecutively since the age of 25. In addition to her family's ventures in real estate and media, they are also owners of HRS Clocks (Horological Restoration Services) the oldest timepiece repair, restoration and sales shop in Santa Barbara County. HRS serves a select client base of collectors, and their company repairs some of the most valuable antique timepieces in existence. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ General Admission Tickets – .00 VIP Ticket – Reserved Seating – .00

at Lafayette Hotel
2223 El Cajon Boulevard
San Diego, United States

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