Paid To Speak – 4-Week Intensive On How To Get Started As A Speaker (Aug. 11th – Sept. 1st)

Paid To Speak – 4-Week Intensive On How To Get Started As A Speaker (Aug. 11th – Sept. 1st)
Event on 2016-08-21 19:30:00
Get Paid To Speak is a 4 week intensive on how to get started as a speaker.  Taught by, Kit Pang, a Communication Expert, TEDx and Keynote Speaker, and the Founder of BostonSpeaks. Note from Kit:  I used to sit in presentations/keynotes thinking… I can do this too! However, I had no clue what to speak about, no clue where to find gigs, who to talk to or how to ask for money to speak. Have you ever asked these questions?  How can I get started as a speaker or even be a motivational speaker? How do I prepare an engaging and memorable talk where I can share my message? Where do I find my first gig and how can I land it? How the heck can I get paid for doing this? How do I sell and brand myself as a speaker? How can I do this part-time or full-time? What's In It For You? Week 1: The Start (5Ws) Why do you want to speak? (Discover your core message) Who do you want to speak to? (Target Audience) What do you want to speak about? (What topic are you an expert on? How do you build your expertise?) When do you want to speak? (How to speak on the side or do it full-time) Where do you want to speak? (Where do your target audience hang out? Find them and speak to them!) Week 2: The Hustle (Personal Branding) Develop Your Talk/Core Message Develop Your Brand as a Speaker Building Your Website Demo Video Week 3: More Hustle (Finding Events) Demystify how to find and email potential clients How to find opportunities by building relationships and leveraging your network How to negotiate fees and when to speak for free Before & After the Event (How to give the client the best experience and what to do with the follow-up)  Week 4: The Hustle Doesn't Stop (Building Your Business) How to be in charge of your finances Working with a speaking bureau or not Hiring Staff Developing Products Every Week: Speakers' Mastermind Group & Hotseat Mastermind sessions are conducted to offer our participants accountability, support and guidance from the rest of the group/instructor.  Each week, participants will share wins, be in the hot seat to get receive high-level constructive feedback on their obstacles, plans,ideas and finally state their weekly goals to accomplish by next week. What Others Are Saying: "Kit is an inspiring and dedicated leader.  You can feel his support and investment in YOU!  His course is all about taking action and moving the needle closer to where you want to be.  He creates a safe space, encourages community, and is full of resources to connect you with beneficial partners. I highly recommend Kit and his courses."- Ashley Maina – Transformational Coach and Founder of Ashley Maina Coaching "Kit is a consummate professional and speaker that will offer you the best insider's tips on how to get booked and paid to speak!" – Catherine Storing – Fashion Stylist, Author and TEDxSpeaker "Growing up I have always had fear of public speaking – I'm shy and English is my second language. Kit is exactly what I'm looking for, he gave me the personal attention in a small group, relaxed environment and shed new light into how I can brand myself as a speaker, get my point across more effectively and help my business grow!" -Rita – Founder & Owner of Boston Bonbon "He makes time for you!  I asked Kit for help on a Sunday evening at 11pm for some tips and advice about the speaking business.  We were chatting on Gmail Chat into the wee hours! – Aaron Wilson – CEO of Lead the Baseline| Speaker | Singer | Writer Instructor: Kit Pang is a Communication Expert, TEDx & Keynote Speaker, and the Founder of Starts Thursday, Aug 11st, 2016 – Ends Sept 1st, 201607:30pm-9:30pmSuffolk University

at Breather
36 Gloucester Street Room 2
Boston, United States

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