Not One More ~ York Chapter 1st Annual Golf Outing

Not One More ~ York Chapter 1st Annual Golf Outing
Event on 2016-08-27 12:00:00
Not One More York Chapter's 1st Annual Golf Outing is being dedicated to the memories of Gary and Garrison Everhart.Gary Frank Everhart was a friend, son, brother, uncle, husband, father, grandfather and an addict.  He could make us smile and he could make us cry.  There were many times when he tried to become sober and improve his life, and there were many times he tried to take the pain away.  In a letter Gary wrote to his family during a stay in rehab he demonstrated his understanding that the life he had lived, full of drugs and mostly alcohol, had done so much damage to his body that the medical staff suggested his next binge may be his last, or his next attempt to detox could kill him. Despite knowing this and despite feeling healthy and sober for a year, he still could not fight the power of his addiction and relapsed.  This was the last time our family was able to enjoy Gary for who he truly was behind his addiction – a caring man.  On May 11, 2014, Gary succeeded with his last attempt at dismissing the pain and committed suicide.  Garrison Dean Everhart was a friend, son, brother, cousin and uncle. He always was well liked and very outgoing. He could coax a smile from any of us. We shared many great memories with Garrison despite leaving us at such a young age, but we also have memories of the struggle that he went through to stay sober. Garrison represents the common progression of drug use that ends with heroin. He began smoking marijuana when he was 12 and continued until he graduated from high school. Somewhere in this timeframe he also began abusing prescription drugs. Due to his increased dependence on the drugs and the inability to afford the prescription pills, he turned to heroin, which was a much cheaper high. Garrison made many attempts to stay sober a few months at a time, but each time he would succumb to the power of his addiction until it took his life. His family supported him and tried to help him maintain his sobriety, but in the end the addiction was too strong. On July 7, 2014, Garrison died of a fentanyl overdose.

at Briarwood Golf Club
4775 W Market St
York, United States

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