Motivational Speaker Kevin Abdulrahman Inspires in India

Motivational Speaker Kevin Abdulrahman Inspires in India
Event on 2016-06-03 08:30:00
When this sought after Motivational Speaker takes on the stage, everyone wants to be in the audience.

Kevin Abdulrahman is invited to speak and inspire in different cities of India including Mumbai and Delhi. Over thousands of individuals will get a rare opportunity to attend this seminar. These days would be a combination of a motivational & keynote speech and a master class on "Leadership From Within". This would be then followed by a Q n A session with an eager crowd who have plenty of questions they wanted answered.

‘One constant always holds true. Where you’ve achieved your goals, you’ve had to first believe it to be true. You believed that it was possible and had no doubt in achieving it. Subsequently, you went on to achieve them. They key is in being able to implement this to every area of your life, and more so, expanding that belief. Once you unlock this potential, you become limitless’, said the leadership speaker to the engaged crowd in India.

Kevin Abdulrahman, famed for his winning books and countless training programs, will share his thoughts, probing and also mentally provoking his audience to reconsider how to better ‘Lead From Within’. He continued, ‘Leadership is an overused and underutilized word. True leadership happens when no one is watching. It is about you leading you, and through your actions for yourself, by yourself, inspiring those around you’.

The turnout of the event and the excitement of the audience will be a testament to the relevant concepts shared by Kevin Abdulrahman.

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