Mindfulness Practice in Schools Conference 2017

Mindfulness Practice in Schools Conference 2017
Event on 2017-03-04 09:00:00
Being Mindful Teachers – embedding mindfulness in our classrooms and in our lives  Be a More Mindful Teacher. Learn the tools to manage stress and bring them back to your school. Immerse yourself in the practical skills and profound wisdom needed to bring mindfulness from lectures into classroom life. Returning for its third successful year, Ireland’s leading Mindfulness Practice in Schools Conference will focus on how we, as teachers and educators, can begin embedding mindfulness across our lives. Join with teachers and educators from all around Ireland for this day of upskilling, exploration and practice of mindfulness in the stunning and tranquil setting of Townley Hall. This conference is for you if: You’ve learnt about mindfulness but want more confidence and skills before bringing it into your classroom. You attended our previous conferences and are ready to bring your application of mindfulness to the next level You are interested in developing a more mindful culture in your school. You’ve tried meditating but you’re not getting to do it as regularly as you’d like. You’re feeling stressed. You will leave the day with: A bank of tools and tips to help you get basic mindfulness started in your school, straight away. Cutting edge knowledge and insights from national and international leaders in the field of mindfulness and education. An understanding of what is the single most influential factor on learning in your classroom. A clear sense of your own next steps on your mindful journey. Having had a mindful experience, delicious food and enlightening company Following on from the last two sell-out conferences that brimmed with diversity and information from right across this growing field, our aim this year is to shift mindfulness from lecturing about it to helping you live it. Come and attend this pioneering conference where you will connect with a community of teachers and educators from all around the country who are bringing the power of mindfulness practices into their schools. Conference Speakers and Workshop Include… Kevin Hawkins – .b, Mindwell Education“Shifting the Focus – Balancing Mind and Heart in Teaching and Learning” When we ask parents and teachers what they really want for their children, the responses are usually as much about happiness, wellbeing, and resilience as they are about success and academics. If we want to help our children develop the skills and capacities they will need for a fruitful, balanced life, it is crucial that the adults in their lives know how to model these skills effectively.Drawing on research from social neuroscience we will explore the power and potential of the role of the educator, as well as the evidence that how we teach is as important as what we teach. Kevin Hawkins was principal of the Middle School at the International School of Prague in the Czech Republic for ten years where he taught mindfulness to students, teachers and parents. He is co-founder of MindWell Education, an organisation that supports schools communities seeking to integrate mindful awareness training and social-emotional learning into curriculum and daily life.  He is a Senior Lead Trainer for the ‘.b’ curriculum from Mindfulness in Schools Project and his book  ‘Mindful Teacher, Mindful School – Improving wellbeing in teaching and learning’ will be published in June.  Diarmuid Lyng – Champion All-Ireland Hurler ​Diarmuid Lyng, (or Gizzy as he is known in hurling circles), is a champion national hurler, teacher, meditator and fealsunacht. He regularly features in national newspapers and was co-presenter on Newstalk’s ‘Off The Ball’. As a teacher he could see the yearning in young people for more meaningful engagement and has recently worked as a youth facilitator to provide the space for exactly that to happen.  Dr. Enda Murphy – RTE 1s Agony Uncle“The Role of Schools in helping the Depressed and Anxious Student” Enda Murphy is one of the best known psychotherapists in Ireland whose model of CBT is the basis of psychotherapy training for General Practitioners in Ireland. He is RTE Radio’s regular Agony Uncle and has authored many books including ‘Flagging the Screenager, Guiding your child through adolescence and young adulthood which was number 3 on the Irish Times b Steve Lane, Breda Kyne – Mind Sets, The Hawn Foundation The MindUP™ workshop will introduce participants to the whole-school social and emotional learning programme, which aims to build resilience, reduce stress and anxiety and improve focus for learning. MindUP™ is composed of 15 lessons, taught throughout the school year. Students learn about the neuroscience of their brain and the link between thoughts, emotions and behaviour and learn to self regulate through mindful practices. MindUP™ impacts positively on the whole school community and supports effective teaching and learning within a Mindful school ethos. Steve Lane is a former primary school principal with 35 years’ experience and Breda is an educational outreach and training consultant. Through their MindSET training, they provide bespoke training courses that foster skills of resilience, optimism, empathy and emotional self-regulation in children. MindUP™ is the flagship programme of the Hawn Foundation which fosters skills of resilience, optimism, empathy and emotional self-regulation in children. Dr. Ann Caulfield – Mindfulness Matters Dr. Ann Caulfield, co-founder of Mindfulness Matters, is one of the country’s foremost advocates of the practise of mindfulness in the classroom. She conducted research into the impact of mindfulness on stress reduction among Irish primary school teachers and co-created the popular summer course Developing Mindfulness and Wellbeing in Primary School Children through SPHE. Patricia Fitzgerald – Healing Creations Join Dublin artist Patricia Fitzgerald as she takes you on a journey of self-compassion and awareness through the ancient art form of mandala. Here you will learn a little of the philosophy behind mandala and how this creative art form can be used as a tool for self-awareness and self-compassion. Patricia Fitzgerald has studied visual education and communication, philosophy and sociology, and is qualified in the therapeutic use of mindfulness. She authored Healing Creations: Discover your mindful self through mandala colouring and journaling and recently led the creation of a mandala of 1000 lighted candles in aid of Apollo House which you can see here Grace Sheridan – Yoga &  Mindfulness Teacher“Mindful Movement for Resourcing Yourself” Mindful Movement uses the moving body as the primary tool, making it one of the easiest and most powerful ways to integrate Mindfulness into your everyday life. In this insightful and energising workshop you will learn how to tap into your brain’s neural circuits in a new and profound way, helping you to achieve an alert mind in a relaxed body – the optimum state of being. Discover how to master your own mind through movement and get armed with support techniques that you can apply daily in your own life and integrate into the classroom.*Please note: This is NOT an exercise class requiring any fitness level or particular clothing, it is a Mindfulness Movement workshop that will use very gentle movements in order to illustrate key learning points. Grace Sheridan is a yoga and mindfulness teacher who discovered mindfulness over 15 years ago while travelling the world as a professional Irish dancer. Grace’s teaching empowers her students by leading them to discover and listen to their own inner wisdom while challenging themselves to achieve their full potential.  Eva Franklin – John Scottus School "10 Tools for Mindful Classrooms" For students and teachers to be mindful in the classroom, it takes practise for everyone. As teachers, we need a variety of tools at our fingertips, mindful moments that we find useful ourselves and that we enjoy practising with our students. In this workshop, you will get to experience and try out a whole range of different tools to engage your students and bring them, and you, back into the present moment. Some of these tools could become part of your daily classroom routine, and others might simply be useful to use occasionally when you notice a shift is needed internally in yourself or in the classroom as a whole. Conall Clancy – John Scottus School“The Pause Room” Learn to bookend your classes with micro mindfulness. A Pausing workshop; how to do it with your class, every day in school. Conal Clancy is a the principal of John Scottus Primary school. The practice of Mindfulness and Meditation has been present in the school since it was founded in 1986. This is reflected in the school motto of “Delight in the Present”. He has been practicing Mindfulness and meditation for over thirty years. Brian McGeough – McGeough Training“Introducing a mindful culture in your school” Brian McGeough is the CEO of McGeough Training, a boutique training and development consultancy founded on the conviction that human development is a philosophical enterprise requiring a method that respects the in-built capacity of each individual to overcome their limits, by means of their own intellect. For over 20 years he has helped people to become more fearless and self-directing through Socratic style facilitation, mediation and coaching. Join us and buy your conference ticket now. What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is deliberately paying full attention to what is happening around you and within you – in your body, heart and mind. Mindfulness is awareness without criticism or judgement. Research shows that mindfulness increases self esteem, trains and strengthens the mind, nourishes emotional intelligence and improves physical health.

at Townley Hall
Slane rd.
Drogheda, Ireland

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