Messages From Heaven at the Hartford Funny Bone Comedy Club

Messages From Heaven at the Hartford Funny Bone Comedy Club
Event on 2016-03-20 11:00:00
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Sunday 3/20/16 at 11:00am

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“Messages from Heaven ~ Comedy from Beyond”
“Real connections for a room full of people who are ready to laugh, cry, scream and shout.
All for the good of Spiritual Connection to the Beyond!”
Join Rebecca Anne as she presents to you the laughter within her work!
There is great opportunity to connect with loved ones in Heaven while feeling the joy and healing that comes from that connection. Raise your spirits during and experience humor filled readings for the attending guests! Those physically present and those not!

Rebecca Anne LoCicero has been working within the New England area, nationally & worldwide for 19+ years as psychic medium. ‘Messages from Heaven’ is the main presentation involving direct, divine and accurate ‘readings’ for the audience members from their loved ones who have died. Rebecca has an exclusive and unique way to present her messages. She is bold, brassy, honest, loud, outgoing, accurate, hysterically funny and full of joy! She will entertain you and touch your heart as she talks about her connections ‘here and there’ and the passageways in-between.

“If your dead people want to get a message to you they will find me! When we cross over, we retain our free will, and our personality and messages will reflect who we truly were! Get ready, you will laugh, cry, scream and shout, it will be soul fulfilling!” (r.a.l)

Rebecca Anne often refers to herself as a ‘one of a kind’ as you never know which curse word or references she will bluntly convey to her audience. Clients easily associate to the way the information she shares with her honesty to what she is receiving in real world expressions. Currently her presentations are being held in a variety of locations including national Comedy Clubs such as the The Hartford Funny Bone, Holistic Centers, Lecture Halls, and Expositions as a headliner presenter and more. She can be heard in Massachusetts (WRSI the River), and throughout Connecticut on mainstream radio monthly as the guest psychic. Blog Talk Radio is the internet radio provider for her personal show. She has appeared on Better Connecticut and numerous other local access channel shows.

Her reach goes beyond that as she is a 3 times published author, and the owner of The Beyond Center, her home base and private office. This is where she teaches classes, holds smaller presentations and groups, produces The Beyond Newsletter, and hosts her own internet Radio Show.

Rebecca Anne is also proud to work as a tested & certified medium and has worked alongside other certified celebrity mediums such as Kim Russo, Suzanne Northrup and Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium, through the Forever Family Foundation for the last 8 years. Being in this line of work allows Rebecca Anne to work side by side with many special gifted people. She has lectured alongside motivational speakers and healers such as author of The Law of Attraction, Michael Loser (who can be seen on Oprah with his book) She debuted her first book while working on a cruise with the co-founder of The Passion Test, Chris Attwood. She has connected in Texas alongside Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Cynthia Jordon and the list goes on…
*However, Rebecca knows, and is confident, that her reputation stands on her experience and accuracy in this business and knows she can ‘rock that spirit world’ without ‘associations’ to others! “The dead don’t care about your social status, they just want to share their unending love with those still here” (r.a.l)

at Hartford Funny Bone
194 Buckland Hills Drive
Manchester, United States

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