Life of Yes Storytelling Class

Life of Yes Storytelling Class
Event on 2017-09-06 18:30:00
When Saya used to try to fit in — which as an amazonian biracial Black Jew with a single mom, homemade clothes, and bike for a car was difficult — she was miserable. Since learning the power of voice and vulnerability, she is a master at getting others to push themselves and "Me too!”, and now embraces her literal and figurative stretch marks. Often through the spoken and written word. A proud Boston College English and Sociology major, Saya loves to combine her superpowers of storytelling and an ability to connect people and get them to see the goodness within. She’s keynoted conferences, shared a TEDx talk, and participated in various performances from the Chicago Women's Funny Festival to Listen To Your Mother to Fear Experiment℠. For years, she’s guided people in personal journeys to increased self-confidence and personal fulfillment. And taking that journey through writing and storytelling? The best. Do you have no stories? Do you feel you’ve lead an uninteresting life? Do you have nothing to say? Do you have tons to say but don’t know where to start or how to say it? Do you want to be a better writer? A better speaker? Have you always wanted to write but _____ forever gets in the way? Do you want to carve out time to do something for yourself? Do you say yes to everyone but yourself? Do you have a “thing” you want to work through, get over, learn from? Do you have a “thing” you want to transform from negative to positive? Do you want to (re)discover your voice? Do you want to challenge yourself? Does public speaking terrify you? Excite you? Does sharing personal stories terrify you? Excite you? Does asking people to come watch make you break out in hives? Get your blood pumping? Do you want your thoughts and your experience to help others? Do you want to meet friendly strangers and add to your Tribe? Do you want to be around positive people from all walks of life? Have you been disappointed in classes due to the teacher, the structure (or lack thereof), or the relationships formed (or not formed)? If you answered yes to one, some, all of the above, this class is for you. This is a non-fiction class where you are the inspiration for what you pen. Don’t worry if you think there’s nothing within you from which to be inspired. There is. Saya’s an expert at digging through the I can’ts to unearth the Hell Yeahs and the A-Has. The meat of class material will be your stories. You’ll be led through brainstorming activities, you’ll read and critique the stories of your classmates, and you’ll write and share your own narrative. Class is intimate and workshop’y to allow for a high-level of participation and attention. We'll also spend time on the art of performance storytelling — what to do when you're on stage and in the spotlight! At the end of our eight weeks, we’ll have a show — open to loved ones, enemies, and the public — where everyone will share a story. LOGISTICS Required Materials: pen and paper or a laptop Other Requirements: consistent attendance, focused time outside of class to write and to read, ability to critique and be critiqued, a willingness to be open, vulnerable, and supportive Timeframe: we will meet once a week, same day of the week, for three hours, for eight weeks. Our show will be within a few weeks of our last class — we'll pick a date that works for all Food/drink welcome during class Taught via Saya of Mac & Cheese Productions℠  REFUND POLICY: there are no refunds unless someone on the waitlist takes your spot, so make sure you can commit before you register. You can transfer your spot to someone else at any point by logging into your Eventbrite account and updating the name and email; with transfers, handling of payment is your responsibility.

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