Isaac Lakhi Mi2C Success Framework – Audio

Isaac Lakhi Mi2C Success Framework – Audio
Event on 2016-04-20 19:00:00
The Isaac Lakhi Mi2C Success framework is based on the 4 strategic pillars of Leadership: Entrepreneurship, Relationships, Spirit and Legacy. The objective of the Isaac Lakhi Mi2C Success framework is to help you to live a meaningful, measurable, significant and sustainable life. It seeks to transform people from working class to world class, not just to become rich, but wealthy too.   Under Entrepreneurship, you will learn about the   The Rules of Money, that Isaac learnt from his many Uncles, all serial Entrepreneur Entrepreneurs, and money masters, Ways to Become Rich, and Ways to Increase your Sustenance.   In the Relationships component, Isaac teaches how he uncovered building sustainable relationships. “By correcting your Relationship with the CEO of the Universe, you will correct your relationship with others, almost by default”, Isaac says. It covers building relationships with yourself, getting to know yourself through a journey of self discovery, overcoming regrets and fears, building fearlessness, that all culminates in setting your goals and populating it onto your very own bespoke Mi2C dashboard; correcting relationships with others by building a relationship the CEO of the Universe, building a strong, dynamic and robust ecosystem in your home, that will help to support you in realising your dreams and true potential.   During the Spirit component, you will learn how to accelerate your performance through life, through power sleeping, power fasting, Isaac also shares techniques on how to achieve peace of mind, and contentment of the heart, that is almost a superfluous result of happiness, and   In the Legacy component, you will discover techniques in developing a winning mindset, power prayer, and The power and value of of taking time out through “The Friday of Good Realisations”.   WHO IS ISAAC LAKHI ?       Having survived the car crash that left him with an 80% brain disability, Lakhi went on to read for an Postgraduate degree in Investments, worked 10 years at the world’s biggest corporations, from Johannesburg to London, and built a family. Lakhi is the retired Chairman of The Enablis Khula Loan Fund that facilitated the creation of 5000+ jobs through strategic investments in high growth start-up businesses. He is a Director of Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa that feeds orphaned school children. On Mandela Day 2015, over a million meals were packed for hungry children. As a Motivational Speaker, Public Speaker and Life Coach, his impressive portfolio includes: Represented the worlds most innovative Bank, First National Bank, at various Parliamentary Committees on Economic Development; As a seasoned Program Director; he has directed events with key-note addresses delivered by distinguished personalities including Entrepreneur-extraordinaire Raymond Ackerman and icon, Ahmed Kathrada; He has inspired audiences, speaking of his riveting and captivating 2 near death experiences, in conjunction with other great speakers like renowned Orator Edris Khamissa.   Lakhi is best-selling author of “You the Man”. It is a cathartic epistle of the triumph of the human spirit, and how he turned adversity into opportunity. Lakhi is married to Zeenith and has 2 sons. He has lived in London and Cape Town.   HOW AM I GOING TO BENEFIT FROM The ISAAC LAKHI MI2C SUCCESS FRAMEWORK ? Mi2C is a step-by-step, easy to understand framework that is going to take you from where you are, to where you would like to be. It takes you from uncertainty, to certainty, to possibility. It is a step-by-step process, that is easy to understand and easy to implement.   WHO SHOULD GET IT ? Ambitious folk who desire to transform their lives and looking to achieve more out of life, by taking their life to the “next level” Folk struggling with relationships, People who feel a void in their lives, desiring to fill that hole with meaning and significance, People that feel that they have lost their way and require strategic direction, People trying to escape the rat race, People trying with financial problems, and looking for strategies to overcome their dilemma, Stuck in a relationships that won’t give   HOW IS Mi2C PRESENTED ? The Isaac Lakhi Mi2C Success framework is presented on a 5 part DVD. Each DVD is between 45 minutes to 120 minutes in duration. It is downloadable from our website onto your laptop, netbook, smartphone or tablet.   HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE BEFORE I START SEEING RESULTS ? As the Isaac Lakhi Mi2C Success Framework is a step-by-step easy to understand process, the results will be seen in as little as 6 weeks. Ultimately, the more you put in, is the more you will get out.   HOW MUCH DOES IT COST ? The cost for the Isaac Lakhi Mi2C Success Framework is US7. Payments may be made via PayPal and by credit card. 10% of the nett proceeds goes to the Ansari Youth Club. Through our “Vision 2025 World Tour”, we are empowering a million under-privileged kids across South Africa to become Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Leaders, leveraging motivational speaking as a platform to do this. To accelerate our vision. we partner with other Community Outreach programs like Colgate and Rand Water.   IS THERE A GUARANTEE ? There is 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.   WHAT DO OTHERS SAY ? I believe that Isaac’s creative approach to situations enables him to be a positive ‘change agent’ where required and endows him with the ability to be a destiny changer in his chosen field ~ Veda Donnelly, South African Finishing School of Business.

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