How to Make Psychology Studies More Reliable

How to Make Psychology Studies More Reliable
It shouldn't be like that: Science is a gradual and stuttering climb towards greater certainty, and tweaking the published record is part of the game. But science is done by people, and people tend to take it badly and personally when their work is …
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Masculine Stereotype Of STEM Pushes Women Out Of The Field
In a second part, participants were given the same task, but were asked to rate the traits of specific scientists, such as successful chemists, psychologists, and computer scientists. Participants consistently rated women as being more communal, and …
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Are You Ready for America's 1st Virtual-Reality Roller Coasters?
Combining the virtual-reality experience with the physical sensations of the roller coaster will increase the thrill factor up to 10 times, Rhodes told Live Science. And psychologists agree that the innovative VR roller coasters will probably achieve …
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