How To Effectively Manage Millennials – 6 Week Series

How To Effectively Manage Millennials – 6 Week Series
Event on 2016-07-13 10:00:00
The average tenure of Millennials at their current job is around 2 years. Did you know the cost of turnover for 1 employee is 150% – 250% of an annual salary? Retention of younger workers is crucial to your company's bottom line. During this highly interactive 6-week workshop series, managers and executives will learn best practices of how to manage Millennial workers more effectively while collaborating and networking with other leaders dealing with the same challenges.  Week #1 (6/15) – Millennials Are Lazy & Entitled: How to Create Emerging Leaders Week #2 (6/22) – Millennials Are High Maintenance: How to Coach & Give Feedback Without Losing Your Mind Week #3 (6/29) – Millennials Are Poor Communicators: How to Teach Soft Skills & Embrace Technology Week #4 (7/13) – Millennials Don't Take Initiative/Ownership: How to Collaborate & Teach Intrapreneurship Week #5 (7/20) – Millennials Are Disengaged/Constantly Distracted: How to Align Purpose, Run Effective Meetings & Assign Meaningful Tasks Week #6 (7/27) – Millennials Are Job-Hoppers: How to Integrate Career Development to Increase Retention Rates  Each session will use the following format: 10:00 Welcome & Network  10:15 Topic Introduction & Challenge Explained 10:30 Group Collaboration 10:45 Solution & Application 11:00 Activity & Summary 11:15 Q & A 11:30 Dismissal  *refreshments will not be provided, so feel free to bring a cup of coffee or snack with you  Scott Asai is a Career Development Consultant and Millennial Trainer for small to mid-sized companies providing workshops, training and coaching. He's worked with following organizations: USC, LMU, Pepperdine, PCMA Santa Monica, Calvary Christian School, Nikkei America and Coast Produce just to name a few. Scott is a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Strengths Coach (StrengthsFinder 2.0). He possesses a M.A. in Organizational Leadership and B.A. in Psychology. To see more of his experience view his LinkedIn Profile here.  

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