Hippocrates Cleanse Day

Hippocrates Cleanse Day
Event on 2016-08-27 09:00:00
We invite you to join us for THE HIPPOCRATES INSPIRED CLEANSING DAY  Having spent 3 weeks undergoing THE LIFE TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMME at the world famous health resort Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida last August 2015. I am currently half way through a year of training with the team at Hippocrates and I would love to share this life changing knowledge to help as many people as possible. I decided to create this special day as introduction to what its like and how you can create your own mini Hippocrates at home. This wonderful day of cleansing will enable you to become empowered to make some changes you want to make. Your will cleanse your body, mind and spirit.  Set in the beautiful, idyllic, healing surroundings of Earlswood B94 5JJ. We have created a beautiful lodge where we will be starting the day.  We begin at; 9am with a warm cup of Purified Distilled Organic Lemon Water. This will begin the cleansing process.  We will then meditate for 15 minutes to set our intentions for the day and let go of any unhelpful thoughts. We move onwards to a 2 oz Fresh, Organic Wheatgrass Shot (OR with lemon and apple if your a wimp like me). We will have a demo on how to grow your own wheatgrass the most nutritious drink on this planet earth! 10am Breakfast will be the signature 'Hippocrates Green Juice' 16 fl oz of organic juiced sunflower greens, pea shoots, cucumber and celery. A Workshop will follow on how to grow your own pea shoots and sunflower greens. We will then go for a walk around Earlswood Lakes. Distilled purified water will be provided.  By now you will be getting hungry..  Lunch will be fully raw with an incredible array of colour.. including; • Life giving sprouts; pea shoots sunflower, broccoli, alfalfa, fenugreek and lots more • Dips – Mock Chicken & Mock Tuna • Dressings – Ranch and Hippocrates House • Choice of Seaweeds; Dulse, Kelp etc.  • Raw Crackers and Breads  • Dessert will be a delicious piece of Key Lime Pie (*sugar free) ALL RECIPES PROVIDED After lunch we will have a short video by Brian Clement (Hippocrates Heath Ins Director) on why living foods are the best foods on the planet to consume.. We will also take away a hand out on how to grow micro sprouts and which health benefits relates to each type of sprout.  You will have some free time from 2.30 – 4pm – to relax in the lodge, you can sit by the lakes or take a walk around our amazing craft centre  (5 mins walk) or stroll to our wonderful garden centres  just 10 minutes walk away. At 4pm you will be having your 2nd Organic – 16 fl 0z Signature Hippocrates Green Juice. Whilst drinking our juice we will sharing ideas, health goals, challenges, questions on this lifestyle and supporting each other on this great journey. Then onto your 2nd 2oz wheat grass shot.. By now you will be feeling different..it is incredible how in just a few short hours the impact this wonderful juice and vibrant food has on your mind and body.. Our final workshop for the day will be on how you can manifest your desires  We discuss how you can make your desires a reality and work through an exercise to achieve this. You will have time to reflect on what you would like to achieve for yourself, maybe weight loss, more energy, release a challenge you currently are experiencing, new career etc. We can guide you on constructing an achievable plan to help you move in the direction you would like to go. A personal affirmation statement will be created to repeat daily, to anchor your new intentions. You will take away a free ebook / guide on : 'How to set up your raw living food kitchen & a resources guide on the best places/websites to source goods'. We aim to finish by 6pm. All refreshments and meals will be provided. This day is designed to give you a sneek preview into how The Hippocrates Lifestyle (raw, vegan, living foods) can truly change your health for the better. We strongly recommend you cut back on any caffeine drinks min 3 days before you attend (eg: tea & coffee). Also, alcohol, dairy and meat, then you will feel the benefit on the cleaning day. In cutting back on these items you may feel a few challenges like headache and mild fever symptoms. These will clear by drinking lots of pure water, ( min 2 litres) eating clean and resting when tired – (meditations are helpful too). Magnesium salt baths are great for relaxation. By doing this  preparation you will then allow your body to benefit fully from the Hippocrates Cleaning Day and not feel too many detox symptoms on the day itself. Directions: We are 5 mins drive from M42 Junc 3.  We have a train station in Earlswood, just 5 mins drive from The Lodge. We can arrange for you to be collected & dropped off from the station. On booking we will provide full address and map. I am looking forward to working together to achieve your highest goals for you on this most unique day.. Love and light Ali xx PS: Only 6 people can attend so book quickly to avoid disappointment.

at B94 5JJ
Mason Lane
Earlswood, United Kingdom

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