CPCA Annual General Meeting 2016

CPCA Annual General Meeting 2016
Event on 2016-06-03 18:00:00
This year's AGM is ideally located inside the walls of Old Quebec, the iconic Fairmont Le Château Frontenac has undergone a multimillion dollar renaissance project that will reposition it as one of the world’s leading hotels. The restoration blends the charm of the hotel’s enchanting past with modern innovations, creating an allure that is fresh & seductive, balanced with the hotel’s rich history & dynamic future. As the CPCA's premier meeting, the AGM is a wonderful event not to be missed by senior management process specialists.  During the General Meeting, delegates will learn about trends in the Canadian market, regulatory liaison, academic liaison and process related events.  Delegates will also participate in workshops which will help to forge the future direction of the CPCA. This year members are asking us to address the CRN issue which has caused headaches for years. Our Industrial Relations Committee has begun a process to work toward national harmonization.  Keynotes: David Rendall, The Freak Factor, Discovering Uniqueness by Flaunting Weakness, http://www.drendall.com/#thevid What's your problem? I'm serious. What do you wish you could change about yourself? What is the complaint that you hear the most from those closest to you, your friends, co-workers, and family members? Are you too loud or too quiet, too hyperactive or too sedentary, too organized or too messy? You get the idea.   So, what should you do? Most people think that they should find and fix their weaknesses. Unfortunately, this just leads to frustration and failure. Your weaknesses are actually the best clue to your strengths. Furthermore, building your strengths, not fixing your weaknesses, is your best strategy for success.   This presentation will encourage you to become more of who you are, not to turn you into someone else. It's about becoming more different and more unique, not more average and more mediocre. You will learn how to: Discover your distinctive strengths and weaknesses Frame your unique characteristics in a positive way Find situations that highlight your positive qualities Maximize your self-control Implement permanent procrastination Humor surprises people, pushes boundaries and tells the truth. Great comedy requires the right blend of timing, restraint, humility and emotion. Applying these same principles to change management will help you succeed during turbulent times. Gary Gzik, CEO BizXcel Inc., “Building a Kick Ass Company”  We all want to be part of companies that matter, that are more than just a place where work gets done, but instead leave a lasting legacy. Kick ass companies know their true purpose, have leaders that people follow because they believe in them and teams that say "hell ya" even before they know what their leaders need from them. This workshop will show attendees how to take actions to transform their organizations into places that employees willingly sacrifice not only their time, but their talents, creativity and passion, and even their blood, sweat and tears. This session will bring participants back to the basics by showing them how to implement a strong organizational culture through people-friendly practices as well as discussing three key levels involved in the building of a kick ass company – Finding Your Mojo, Legendary Leaders and Hell Ya Teams.  Gary Gzik is an international presenter, trainer, consultant and author who has been inspiring people and organizations for over 30 years. Gary has worked with hundreds of organizations and over 10,000 individuals through his training and consulting work in the areas of: leadership development, teambuilding, personal development, conflict resolution, train the trainer models, effective communication skills, strategic planning and customer service improvement.  Carl Gomez, Senior Vice President & Chief Economist, Investment Management, Bentall Kennedy “A Macroeconomic Look at Industry Drivers” What is the general outlook for the Canadian and global economies (addressing areas such as currency, interest rates, commodities and the outlook/risks in major domestic sectors ) Specific outlook for the Ontario economy and key potential drivers for the region including an anticipated resurgence in industrial/manufacturing exports – I’ll denote some reason why this traditionally important driver of the region’s 3. economy (which has effectively been dormant over the past decade) should experience better times in the years ahead Some of the challenges and potential opportunities for Canada’s mining and minerals sector   Oliver Winkler, Business Leader for Strategy and Innovation at Siemens Canada. “Are you ready for Industry 4.0?”   Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) impresses Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and end users alike. Production and the digital world come together, making factory automation more flexible, increasing energy efficiency, linking logistics processes more closely, optimising the value chain – and all this is happening in process automation too.    Social Program: The AGM is a truly unique opportunity to talk with fellow process leaders and form relationships in a casual environment. Networking is one of the key values to association membership.   Activities will include private dinners and receptions at local resorts, annual golf tournament at Storrey Creek, wildlife tours, deep sea fishing and a day at the spa for spouses. A full social program will be made available shortly. Accommodations Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, 1 Rue des Carrières, Ville de Québec, QC, G1R 4P5 Toll Free:  800-663-7090 Rate: Deluxe: 9, Deluxe riverview: 9, http://www.fairmont.com/frontenac-quebec/ Deposits: Payments can be made via CC or by sending a cheque to the CPCA liaison office

at Chateau Frontenca
1 Rue des Carrières
Saint Georges de Beauce, Canada

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