BUSINESS 101 Transitioning Seminars for 2017

BUSINESS 101 Transitioning Seminars for 2017
Event on 2017-09-25 08:00:00
Transition from Military Leadership to Business Careers                      – Learn the Tools for Better Understanding of Business –                             Four-Day Career Transitioning Seminars for 2017                            September 25 through 28, 2017  8:00 am until 5:00 pm Commissioned Officers and senior enlisted personnel (E-6 and above) who are transitioning into the private sector are urged to register for the Business 101 Transitioning Seminar to learn the employment skills to succeed in civilian business… a world far different from military culture. In Business 101 you will learn how to succeed in civilian business… its unique language, the modern business culture, contemporary perceptions of military personnel, goals and metrics, job success tools, your new challenges, and civilian business expectations. Our 4-day course helps you understand how your unique military leadership skills translate into civilian business leadership roles. It demonstrates how businesses perceive your marketable skills. It is short on theory and long on practical business applications. This unique business course is NOT a job fair or about resume writing, interviewing or other skills to be learned in TRS and other programs. There is no cost to participate since the course is taught by volunteer senior business executives in appreciation for your sacrifices.   Attire is business casual. Spouses are welcome.  Location is the Crawford Room of the Pacific Views Event Center. Business 101 is a career transition preparation program sponsored by MEA-West and MCCS. It is targeted to help all transitioning or retired career Military Officers and senior enlisted personnel (E6 and above) from all military services to understand what they need to know to succeed in civilian employment. Upon completion of this course that is taught at the graduate-school level, the participant will be familiar with the culture, concepts, expectations, metrics, and terminology of private sector business, leading to your more successful employment interviews and a more satisfying civilian career. Gain Business Career Perspectives and Direction: The cultures of military and civilian business worlds differ from each other in terms of behaviors, expectations, language, manners, metrics, and leadership styles. Consequently every career veteran is challenged when entering the business culture from the military culture. We provide the all-important transitional exposure to the basic issues. Business 101 is a no cost intensive multi-day course to help senior military personnel transition into civilian business careers. The goal is to help senior military leaders to have better job interviews, secure that job, and to be successful in that job. Business 101 provides you with new tools:- Multi-segment courses targeted toward integrating career military personnel into the modern business culture.- Acquaints the career man or woman with the principal language, terms, modern concepts and theories of business management.- Appropriate for all experience levels of senior military personnel, including those with advanced degrees, such as MBA.- The course will be taught in business jargon, not military jargon. (Leave the military abbreviations at the door.) Typical Modules include: MODULE ONE: YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS FUTURE; LAUNCHING YOUR NEW CAREER Introduction:  Class Objectives Transition Perceptions Differ From Realities The Profit Motive: Why? Let's Get Hired Soon The Obscure Hiring Process  / Retained Search Firms Leveraging Military Experience / Working with Search Firms How are Businesses Organized?  Core & Support Depts. Niches and Differentiation Developing A Marketing Plan or Campaign IT in the Corporate Business World HR in the Corporate Business World   MODULE TWO: THE BUSINESS ENTERPRISE AND YOUR PLACE IN IT (1 of 2) Comparison of Business Entities: Why So Many? Contracts, I.P., Employment Law, 1099 vs.W2, Litigation, Risk Mgt. Core Economics Concepts for Business Business Ethics Success Key: Break-Even / Contribution Margin / Operations Flows Sales: Until It Is Sold, Nothing Happens (Two Perspectives) How to Optimize LinkedIn to Find a Job   MODULE THREE: THE BUSINESS ENTERPRISE AND YOUR PLACE IN IT (2 of 2) Business Accounting – Financials, P&L, Balance Sheet Business Finance – Capitalization, Planning, Budgeting A Most Valuable Resource: VetCTAP Starting Right: Tips, Tools, and Techniques The 30/60/90 Second Elevator Pitch Unions Why are Businesses so Different in Types and Cultures Getting Started Right: Form, Fit and Function – Blend In Your First 90 Days – Panel of SNCOs and Officers Panel – The Employer's Perspective of Vets   MODULE FOUR:  CREATING YOUR OWN FUTURE Find That Job by Opportunity Targeting – Reference USA Negotiation & Compensation Subtleties – Matrix Hard-Core Strategies to Land a Job Is a Franchise for You? A Walk Through an Entrepreneurial Life Job Security: Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures Informational Interviews: What, Why & How – Mock Drills We Thank YOU!     Here is what former class members said about Business 101:  • “I came here floundering and left with direction”. • “It is worth putting our regular work aside for a few days to learn what is really important to us and our futures. Retirement will come to us sooner than we expect it.” • “I came here to invest in myself after 29.5 years of investment into the USMC, and I’m glad I did.” • “This is the best class I have ever been to.” • “I learned so much! A lot of the "dots were connected" for me with the explanations of business, marketing, logistics, franchising, interviewing, and proper planning for the future.” • “Thank you for hosting this week's Business 101 seminar, which was fantastic! It opened my eyes and has me very excited about transition. Your personal stories and discussions were the highlight of the course.” • “Your efforts have and will continue to make a difference for those of us who have given our adult life to our country…and now find ourselves thrown into "1stCivDiv".” • “I've now been on this side of corporate America for just over two years and I can say without a doubt–your friendship, mentorship and Business 101 gave me the tools to be successful.” • “I took an interview the week after Business 101 and used what I learned from you. I nailed it!” • “This week was very enlightening for me. I know what is ahead and how to conquer the dragons!” • “Entering business was scarier to me than flying combat. Business 101 took the scary out.” • “I have recently taken a job. Thanks to your advice in your Business 101 class, I easily integrated into the Corporate World.” • “Before this class I was rudderless. Now I know where I’m going and how to get there.” • “I wanted to thank you very much for all the outstanding information that was given in the classes this week.” • “We vets need to invest in ourselves to come to Business 101 because we cannot learn to walk on water if we won’t leave the comfort of our boats.“

at Camp Pendleton, Pacific Views Center, East Gate
202850 San Jacinto Road
Camp Pendleton, United States

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