Brand Manager’s Camp: Marketing Conference 2017

Brand Manager’s Camp: Marketing Conference 2017
Event on 2017-03-15 09:30:00
Dear sir/madam   Global Corporate Performance invites you to come and witness as a keynote speaker at BRAND MANAGER’S CAMP: MARKETING CONFERENCE 2017 at Kunduchi Beach Resort March 2017 Global Corporate Performance is a fully registered company and also a member of TCCIA-Reg. 011304, a full-service learning solutions provider, with 5+ years’ experience in process, technology, and performance development serving clients around the world. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients and providing world-class customer service and customized training strategies and solutions. We listen, we respond, and we take action to help you implement the desired changes to reach your goals. In collaboration with Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA) Global Corporate Performance is hosting a manager’s camp conference! “This conference offers managers, marketing thought leaders, brand managers, branch managers, Sales managers , CEO’s & Individuals considerable opportunities to learn into range of topics like Strategy, Innovation, Content, Insights, Customer Behaviour, Leadership, Sales, corporate and Personal branding, Metrics, and much more” “Manager’s Camp: Marketing Conference 2017” What if you could learn the secrets of building super successful brands that last from super successful brand ambassadors, marketers, branch managers and East African CEO’s? Are You Making Things Happen or Just Making Noise?” If people can buy from anyone, why buy from you? If people can choose any other companies, why choose yours? If people can listen to anyone, why choose listen to you? In this age of distractions where rectangles of glass (i.e., phones) have virtually monopolized our attention, how do we show people that we care about their success beyond the sale? In this new world, every business, every organization must become a media business, but how do we rise above the noise? In this energetic and eye-opening start to Manager’s Camp- Marketing Conference 2017, you will be with various experts like Kevin Twisa, Bonie Kim from Kenya, Branch managers and marketing thought leaders in Telecommunication, Finance, Banking, Real Estate, Fashion and Beauty etc… They will show you that branding must go far beyond color schemes, messaging, and packaging and into the heart of what connects a buyer with a brand for what everyone hopes will be the long run. The promise of a brand is something that is less simple to capture in a spreadsheet, and difficult to sum up with a set of tools and metrics. But if you intent to break through the noise, your interactions must have IMPACT. Discover how to go beyond basic ideas like reach and exposure of marketing/advertising and into deeper areas of impact that can be measured and acted upon. This conference is for managers, marketers, senior sales managers, branch managers, country directors, departmental managers, fashion designers, brand managers, supervisors and many others. It will take place on March 2017: At Kunduchi Beach Resort. And it will involve key note speakings from various invited guests, panel discussion and networking. Topics to be discussed includes but not limited to: · Strategic Brand Management · Advertising, Sales Promotion and Public relations · Digital Marketing · Integrated Marketing Communications · Consumer Behaviour · Marketing Channels & Strategic Sales Force Management · Marketing Perspectives · Branding & Brand Equality · Corporate branding creative strategies · Personal branding and self-image. · ‘Using research to improve the ROI on marketing communication’. Speakers and panelists include but not limited to: Kelvin Twissa : Former brand manager vodacom, Tigo, Zantel, Airtel and many others. William Mpinga: Current Brand manager Tigo, nominated among of the successful marketing manager of the year. Murtaza Ebrahim : CEO emperial marketing and Professional on sales and digital marketing Bonie Kim from Kenya. When you come to self image and branding this guy is a pro. Bernice Fernandes : She is a pro on personal branding. Jankovich, Barene (MB) from Kenya- in UK, USA about ‘Using research to improve the ROI on marketing communication’. And many other speakers on digital and social media marketing. Program for MARCH: KUNDUCHI BEACH RESORT will involve the following : · Provoking lecture · Panel session · Networking session · Expo and live sales from invited companies. BRAND MANAGER'S CAMP: Marketing Conference 2017 on 15th March 2017 at Kunduchi Beach Resort. Early Adopters tickets available at Kunduchi Beach from 150- 0. Save 100$ before 20th Feb. Organised by Global Corporate Performance. Call +255655973248 to reserve your ticket now!! +255655973248.  

at Kunduchi Beach Hotel & Resort
Kikwete Hall
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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