A common drug for ulcers could prevent alcohol abuse

A common drug for ulcers could prevent alcohol abuse
There are almost no medicines available to treat alcoholism, but that might be about to change. A new study shows that a substance commonly used to treat stomach ailments may also hold the key to reducing the craving for alcohol. Many of the scientists …
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Higher Ground: Ahead of schedule
The four-time Stanley Cup winner, who has a history of struggling with alcoholism, told the crowd that with the help of marijuana, he hasn't had a drink in nearly six months. He referred to marijuana as "medicine" and told the crowd: "Get educated. It …
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Teenage girls now try alcohol before boys do: Study
Among the possible explanations, according to Cheng: drinking has become more socially acceptable. Also, because girls typically reach puberty sooner, some start engaging in risky behaviors such as drinking earlier. It might also be that younger girls …
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