3/12 A-B-C’s of Armed Self Defense

3/12 A-B-C’s of Armed Self Defense
Event on 2017-03-12 09:00:00
A sheep dog is born with the instinct to protect, but a good heart alone can't keep predators away. Learn the skills and develop a plan to ensure your family's long term safety, no matter what.  Welcome to the Next Steps; a fundamental level firearms-for-self-defense seminar. Whether you are a new gun owner or prospective protector, the world of armed self defense and gun ownership can be vast and intimidating. Should I get a gun? What kind of gun should I get? When am I allowed to shoot someone? How can I be safe with guns and children at home? How often do home invasions actually happen? Can I brandish a gun to scare someone away? Should I shoot to kill? Am I allowed to fire warning shots? This class is tailored to the student who has already learned basic gun safety, and is seeking to continue his or her education and training. You do not need to own a firearm to take this class.   Next Steps brings together like minded students in a calm, relaxed atmosphere where you can ask questions without fear of judgment and develop understanding for the role of the firearm in your household. It is an affordable, safe, and guided opportunity for the responsible or aspiring gun owner to explore the mindset and techniques for personal protection.  We will introduce and explore these topics: Review of gun safetyUnderstanding crime and victim selectionChoosing the appropriate tools for self-defenseBuilding a home safety planSafe loading and unloading proceduresFirearms storage best practicesSlow, meticulous, efficient weapon manipulaionNon-diagnostic clearance of weapon malfunctions"Functional accuracy"Corners, cover, concealment, and darknessRudimentary point shooting for impaired visibilityBasic tactical anatomyBasic use of force guidelines You will need:  Note taking materialsOptional: Personal firearm + 100 rounds of ammunitionEye and ear protectionClosed-toe shoesDress for the weather, we shoot rain or shine.A bag lunch, or cash to purchase a BBQ lunch on site. All firearms, targets, and equipment necessary for instruction are provided. Register here using Eventbrite. Cost for the class will be per student + for ammunition. RSVP is required. FAQ: Are minors allowed? Parental discretion and supervision required for children, but you are welcome to invite them to participate. Does this class involve live shooting? Yes, we will fire many weapons to understand how to properly select the gun and ammunition suitable for your needs.  What guns will we shoot? Primarily pistols, revolvers, and shotguns I don't have a holster, is that okay? You won't need to have a holster for this class, but you are more than welcome to wear one if you already own it.  My friend wants to attend, but he/she has never shot before. Can he/she come? Sure. That won't be a problem. What can/can't I bring to the event? Do not consume any alcohol or mind altering substances before or during the shooting. Once we have finished and packed up you are welcome to crack open a cold one if you wish. Dogs are allowed on the facility, and there is shade and water where they can hang out. Please no steel core, armor piercing, incendiary, or tracer ammunition.  How can I contact the organizer with my questions? Brian Wang is the event organizer. He can be reached at 408-892-5460 or info@monarchdefense.org What is the refund policy? Refunds are not accepted for this event. Credit can be applied toward future classes or events with 7 days advanced notice.

at Coyote Valley Sporting Clays
1000 San Bruno Ave
Morgan Hill, United States

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