1st Annual Family Promise of Henry County Bed Race

1st Annual Family Promise of Henry County Bed Race
Event on 2016-09-24 09:00:00
The 1st Annual Family Promise of Henry County Bed Race is a community driven fundraiser to support Family Promise of Henry County. Your support will make a difference in the lives of families facing homelessness in Henry County. By supporting Family Promise of Henry County Bed Race, you are ensuring that families can stay together, that children will have safety and stability, and that our community can work together to help end the tragedy of homelessness. It is Free to attend the Event, Tickets are only for our bed race teams or a sponsorship level, and donations. Your contribution will help reduce some of these statistics in this local community. Henry County Public Schools recognizes over 1000 homeless children in the school system, (up from over 900 in 2015)  Nationally, 51% of homeless children are under 5 years old Henry County does not have any facilities to support homeless families It will be a fun filled event with a focus on the major issue of homelessness in our county.  We need business sponsors, group participants, (Click on the Get Tickets button to participate or sponsor) & volunteers! To volunteer in any capacity for the day of the race please email: info@FamilyPromiseHenry.org Team Rules: 1. Five (5) people per team. Substitutions not allowed. The bed must be constructed in a fashion that all pushers must be able to see the course in front of the bed. 2. One member (at least 100 lbs) must be riding on the bed for the entire race. 3. All four pushers must be in contact with the bed when crossing the finish line to qualify. 4. Use of helmets, kneepads, athletic shoes encouraged. 5. All bed costs are borne by entrants. This includes entry fee. 6. The use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs prohibited. 7. Failure to report for bed inspection prior to race time will mean disqualification and forfeiture of entry fee. 8. Every team member MUST sign a race waiver. 9. Every team is required to raise 00 as a group towards fundraising efforts  Racing Information: 1. All races will be run in Heats of 2 beds each. Heats will be chosen prior to race day registration. 2. On race day teams will draw for lane assignment for first heat. Lane assignments for category finals will be determined prior to race. 3. Race Teams will start in staggered lanes. 4. Each Race Team will stay in their lane throughout the race. Race Team interfering with another Team will be disqualified and the interfered Team has the option of a restart. 5. The two (2) fastest Teams from each category will race for 1st & 2nd places in their categories. Fastest category time from the finals will become the overall winner.  Bed Construction Guidelines: 1. Bed must be at least a twin size mattress or larger (for safety reasons, it cannot be a home-made plywood bed or frame mounted on bicycles). Bed must not be higher than 8 feet. 2. Beds must have box springs or mattress (no air mattress) 3. Push bars (handles) are allowed, but may not extend more than 16 inches away from the bed frame. They must be designed for safety with no sharp or jagged edges allowed. 4. Beds must have four wheels (4 inch minimum). All four wheels must have contact on the ground at the finish line. All wheels must be load-bearing but do not have to be the same size. 5. Steering mechanisms may be used. No bed may have motorized or mechanical means of motion. All means of motion shall be limited to race team members. Examples of Family Promise of Gwinnett County Bed Race 

Historic Hampton – City Park , 10 Central Ave.
Hampton, United States

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